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There is a long list of top medical colleges of Philippines. However, University of Perpetual Help is one of the largest private medical university with its campuses located at Las Pinas, Molino, Cavite, and Calamba City, Laguna in the Philippines. It is a MCI approved university and quite popular medical college to study MD / MBBS in Philippines due to extremely low cost offered by them. By taking Admission to University of Perpetual Help, your ensure the best medical study  for MD / MBBS in Philippines. The MBBS in Philippines program at University of Perpetual Help program is conducted in English language. In any case, the general language spoken by more than 90% of the people is English. University Of Perpetual Help was founded in 1975 by Dr. Antonio Laperal Tamayo along with his wife with a far sighted vision to create a medical educational premises producing world class doctors from this backward region. This medical college in Philippines has an experienced faculty focused on teaching medicine in Philippines for more than 40 years.

The cities in which the campuses of University Of Perpetual Help (top medical colleges of Philippines) are located are quite peaceful and small in size. Different campuses provide different benefits depending upon various factors such as climatic conditions, campus size, cultural activities and much more. MBBS in Philippines at this university is a great option for international students.


After you take admission to University of Perpetual Help, the students have an initial 16 months of BS degree program. Following BS degree, the students have to pass NMAT exam before getting the promotion to MD / MBBS program in Philippines. Around 20% return back from Philippines to India after failing to pass NMAT exam. The Indian students are many times not aware of this fact and think they are going for a Medical program. The Admission to MBBS in Philippines for Indian students is quite simple and suitable to study for Indian students. It is advisable that the students take a clear decision since other countries such as MBBS in China or MBBS in Russia do not offer such conditions before starting the medical program.The total duration for completion of MBBS in Philippines program is 5.5 years in Philippines and 1 additional year of internship making it totally 6.5 years. Further, MCI registration and MCI screening Test would take further 1 year for the students making it almost 7.5 years to start practice as a doctor, assuming you pass MCI screening Test on your first attempt! 


The college has become very famous among Indian students from across the country. Around 200 students from South India are prominently studying medicine in Philippines at this college. The hostel building is not available within the campus. Since this university is closer to the Capital, the student life and entertainment is more compared to other universities in Philippines.

This university in Philippines is affiliated with many government and private hospitals in Philippines as well as USA. Taking admission to University of Perpetual Help would allow you to avail of the clinical rotation being offered to the students. Apply now and get guaranteed Admission to University of Perpetual Help.


  • Admission to University of Perpetual Help allows you to study the best MBBS in Philippines program.
  • The college costs reasonably low among all the universities offering MD / MBBS in Philippines.
  • The college offers the program in English and there is no need to check any new foreign language.
  • This medical college in Philippines offers an Indian kitchen and the students do not need to cook their food saving important time to study MD / MBBS in Philippines.
  • The university is near to Manila  the capital of Philippines giving access to huge patients flow while you study on the medical studies in Philippines.
  • Very high success ratio of NMAT exam taking more than 87% to MD level.


The total cost to study MD / MBBS in Philippines according to the MBBS fees structure in University of Perpetual help is explained in the following table.

18 Months Y-1 Y-2 Y-3 Y-4 Y-5
Tuition Fees 510,000 266,000 266,000 266,000 266,000 0
Hostel 150,000 100,000 100,000 100,000 100,000 0
Living Cost 150,000 100,000 100,000 100,000 100,000 0
Others 15,000 15,000 15,000 15,000 15,000 0
TOTAL  825,000  481,000  481,000  481,000  481,000  


The total cost to study MBBS in Philippines at University Of Perpetual Help is Rs.18,40,000. The MBBS fees structure at this best medical university in Philippines is quite affordable for international students on the whole. You may add the PRE DEPARTURE COST which needs to be paid to our towards various aspects such as Application Fees, processing, Counselling and Guidance, Air Tickets, Student Visa charges, Landing arrangements (transportation from Manila to the College by Bus), booking of apartment at the hostel near to the college (Walking distance of 2 minutes). You may download registration form to understand how much we charge you for the complete package!

Hidden Costs after taking Admission to University of Perpetual Help.

The students, specially parents must know the hidden costs which are generally hidden by the agents in the form of “Migration Certification” costs.

Admission to University of Perpetual Help.

  1. 50% in PCB at 10+2 level.
  2. Passport copy available or applied.
  3. Transcripts and Passing certificate for 10+2 Level.
  4. Birth certificate.
  5. Bank Statement of father.
  6. Letter of Recommendation.
  7. Digital Photograph.


The admission process to University of Perpetual Help is an easy, hassle free and simple process. We has launched India’s first On-line application process where in you can complete your entire process in 15 minutes by simply doing 4 steps:

The whole system is connected with the University and your admission letter would be issued as per the registration form. The students can track the admission constantly by logging to the system of Student Admission Tracking System (SATS) which is a unique service of us.


We work in a very transparent manner. There are 3 different packages available for the students to take admission to University of Perpetual Help. The first one is only Admission, the second one is Only MCI Screening Test coaching package. We recommend you to opt for the third registration form which is the Combo offer. It is economical way to get end to end solution. Admission + Travel + Migration certificate + MCI Screening Test Coaching for 6 years!


FMGE Exam Coaching.

We are the only Overseas Education consultants in India specialized for MBBS giving option of preparing for FMGE or MCI screening Test for doctors once they pass from MCI recognized universities from overseas countries such as MBBS in China. The MCI screening Test coaching is for all 19 subjects of being taught during MBBS program as per the course and curriculum designed by MCI. When you go abroad, it becomes difficult for you to to have Indian study perspective and to be ready with all 19 subjects when you return back.

Our 6 year package for  MCI screening test coaching ensures that you are tuned with Indian curriculum. The students can go through subject by subject preparation in a systematically broken down 128 sub topics. The video lectures given by the top doctors including the one who passed MCI screening test is the key USP of this coaching package!  Avail of this package without fail.…Read More

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