Study Abroad in UK

Medical education in UK for Indian students
Medical education in the UK for the Indian students involves the training of the entry level doctors to continuing education to make them specialists in the respective fields. Like the university degrees, medical schools in the UK design their in-house assessment. It is unlike the USA where national licensing exam has been there for 20 years. Best part is that in the UK each undergraduate summative assessment is subject to the scrutiny of an appointed external examiner. Since 2003, UK medical schools have been working closely to enhance the quality assurance activities. You gain an international recognition by pursuing medical studies in UK.

Why to consider UK?
Universities in the UK have established as leading universities where students can pursue their dream careers. Students with some other talents can acquire scholarships for the universities have tie-ups with various other universities. The renowned institution promotes high standards that the medical students of UK must attain. Under the guidance of eminent teaching faculties, students can learn the best professional behaviour. Newly qualified doctors enter the foundation programme of two years where the doctors take up terms with respect to the varied specialties. Doctor’s training in the UK has been rapidly evolving with the introduction of run through trainings.

UK undergraduate and P.G courses in medicine are shorter, helping you to reduce your educational expenses. When full time graduate takes 3 years, Post Graduate can be completed within a year.

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