Top 3 Colleges in Ahmedabad – 2016

The industrial city of Ahmedabad and hub of higher education is proud to have a literacy rate of 93.96% and for great educational institutions like IIM and NIIT. Following a survey by Nelson, Career India lists top 3 colleges in Ahmedabad. The colleges are Top 3 Science Colleges in Ahmedabad

St. Xavier’s College M.G. Science Institute Gujarat Arts and Science College

Top 3 Arts Colleges in Ahmedabad

St. Xavier’s College L.D. Arts College C.U. Shah Arts College

Top 3 Commerce Colleges in Ahmedabad

H.L. Colleges of Commerce H.A. College of Commerce S.M. Patel institute of Commerce

Top 3 Medical Colleges in Ahmedabad

  1. J. Medical College Smt. N.H.L. Municipal Medical College Kesar Sal Medical College & Research Institute

Top 3 Engineering College  in Ahmedabad

Nirma Inst. Of Technology Central Inst Of Plastic Engg & Tech L.D. Col Of Engg

Top 3 Management Colleges in Ahmedabad

B.K. School of Business Management, Ahmedabad A.E.S. Postgraduate Institute of Business Management  and Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad

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