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This is an extremely unique 1 year Masters level program (with an option to continue for 2 year MBA in Switzerland) designed by no less than the Nobel Prize winner in Economics subject in 2006, Mr. Edmund Phelps, the current Dean of NBS, China. The program which leads to MAS degree (“Masters in Advanced Studies”) has a simple objective of preparing the students for the growing Chinese market in the world economy. For the last 10 years in a row, China is positioned as the fastest growing economy in the world. It has even surpassed the US economy in 2014-15 leading to huge number of international students specializing on the Chinese market. One of the biggest markets for Chinese SME segment has always been European countries and there is a huge gap in skilled management workforce which can understand the Chinese way of doing business apart from the language and culture necessary to do business in China.



It is of course the best experience. The city of Zurich is filled with international students and the nest quality life due to the wide employment opportunities provided by the European companies. Studying in Switzerland has a great advantage due to its geographical location – just 4 hours train from the top western countries which surround this country such as France, Germany, Italy, Austria and Belgium! The students studying at Zurich invariably get the chance to go through EU countries and understand its culture much better giving a very important exposure, knowledge and the self confidence.

The quality of education especially in the Management field is one of the best in Switzerland. The accreditations are very high as a basic requirement for any institutions to offer the degree programs, leading to a high cost of education.


The sudden industrialization in China has now made it the manufacturing hub of the world. Similarly, the number of international students studying in China has risen from 29,000 in 2002 to whooping 350,000 in 2014!! It has become the education hub of Asia and is now poised for the largest employment market. The west is looking at China for the future market and economy growth and a huge demand for the business students specializing on China is already available.

Europe is of course one of the largest trading partner for China and focusing on Chinese markets and becoming a China business specialist is definitely a cool and smart choice for the students looking to initiate a global career.


To Study Master’s business program in Europe is every Indian student dream but most of the time, it becomes difficult due to the cost factor. By studying in Switzerland, you ensure that you are beginning your global career from here. Further, the cost of the program gets reduced by following innovative steps taken by the University of Zurich and NBS, China.

  • Keep the focus on employability towards Chinese business specialization in the first half
  • Make other half of the duration towards practical training as an Intern in a Chinese SME
  • Ensure your roadmap to MBA remains open after “MAS” program

The cost of studying at a top private business school in India becomes equivalent to the cost of studying at the top European university (UZH) at around Rs. 15 Lacs. However, the returns are completely different since UZH program leads to your global career.


Poland has very restricted number of government Universities offering to study Engineering at a very low cost, almost equivalent to Indian private colleges. However, in comparison with the Indian colleges, the quality of infrastructure and education is very high. You would be studying at the University founded in 1833 and almost 26,000 students are currently studying with more than 55% are international students!

We  would guide and ensure that you choose the best possible university for your chosen stream to study Engineering in Poland.

The main problem as seen earlier is the dependence of the fresh engineering graduates in is to get the job at a respectable salary level in India. Also, keeping in mind the fact that studying Master level in other countries such as USA / Canada / Australia / New Zealand is extremely expensive due to high tuition fees cost and very high living costs, China with its thriving economy and huge manufacturing base offers great opportunities to work.


What type of industries can you expect to provide you the employment and at what package? That is the key question which is running through your mind since this program is a highly specialized program and limits your overall opportunity!

There are 4 different segments that the Indian students pursuing MAS program to Study in Europe are prepared for:

  • Chinese SME companies looking to expand their business in international arena
  • Indian companies having their factories / contract work off loaded in China
  • Chinese companies having their operations in India
  • Indian SME companies looking to expand their business in China


  • The degree is allotted by no less than University of Zurich and the program is approved by AACSB the most standardized format for the business schools accepted worldwide.
  • University of Zurich is the oldest university of Switzerland and top ranked in Europe.
  • New Huadu Business School is the top 10 Chinese school in innovation and specializes on leadership and entrepreneurship programs for the start ups.

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