Study Abroad in Philippines

Medical education in Philippines for Indian students ….
Medical education in the Philippines is developed by the government medical schools in the region. The graduate schools in Philippines offer M.D or Doctor of Medicine degrees to Indian students. The 4 year degree course qualifies an Indian to take up the licensure exam in the field of medicine in the Philippines.

How to apply ….
The Indian student needs to have a bachelor’s degree with some credits in preferred subjects. Some of the pre-medical degrees incorporate pharmacy, biology, biochemistry, medical technology and physical therapy. It is fantastic news for the Indian students planning to pursue medical education in the Philippines. With respect to opportunities in the medicine, Philippines have become one of the most sought after destinations.

Why to pursue medical education in the Philippines ….
Indian students having foreign undergraduate degrees in medicine can appear for the screening test of the Indian Medical Council. In this way, Indian acquires permanent registration and the liberty to practice in India. MD degree in the Philippines is equivalent to the MBBS degree in India. The fee structure is lenient and it is true even of top universities. By studying abroad, Indian students can enjoy better job opportunities in India and abroad.

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