Study Abroad in Norway

Medical education in Norway for Indian students
Studying medicines in Norway are a different experience for there are excellent medical schools offering wide range of paramedical and medical courses. There are many universities encouraging the Indian students and are mainly formed to cater to the educational needs of the Indian students.

How to get admission?
For Indian students it is important to know that the system of Degree education in the region of Norway follows Bologna process, making the European education compatible. Norwegian medical schools have their own requirements for students of different residents. However, an Indian student requires Higher Secondary degree in the major science subject which can be biology or nutrition or any other subject. Some institutions require the work experience of the students. Indian students need to communicate with the respective university in order to understand the requirement. Most of the medical courses in Norway universities are offered in English and in some courses a proficiency in Norwegian language is required. Indian students staying in Norway for a period more than three months need to have the Student Residence Permit.

Indian students have the privilege of reducing their educational costs by attaining scholarships. Apart from this, the monthly allowance will cover the food cost and cost of renting an accommodation which will be paid in the middle of the month. For complete details, you can visit the online websites and read the terms and conditions in details.

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