Hebei Medical University, China

About Hebei Medical University

Hebei Medical University was originated during the Qing Dynasty. It is located in the city of Hebei Province which is known as Shijiazhuang. Hebei Medical University is rated as one of the oldest and best universities in China which offer high quality medical programs. This city serves as a wonderful place for students and the student life here is quite happening. There is a huge list of universities in china which are regarded as top graded and in competition to other universities in USA and other countries.

This medical university in China has started offering various MBBS programs for international students right back since 2004. The MOE or Ministry of Education has recognized Hebei Medical University in order to offer MBBS degree to international students across the world. More than 500 international students from various countries come to this university to pursue their MBBS program. This MBBS university in China has been offering study MBBS in China programs to international students in English right since the time it was established.

MBBS in China in this university which is one of the best medical university in China also offers a 5 year course and an internship in the final year as it is in other countries. It is advisable for international students to complete their internship in the final year in Hebei itself although it is optional and they can apply for internship back from their own country.

There is a wide list of available options such as 16 secondary hospitals, 6 affiliated hospitals and 60 teaching hospitals. Tuition fees of the internship program would range around RMB 30,000 annually. A theory test and clinical evaluation is taken after completing the internship and finally the MBBS degree is offered to the successful graduates

The cost of studying MBBS in China in a good medical university in China is quite affordable .Apart from the tuition fees and other educational cost, students need to spend almost 9000 RMB every year for accommodation and living cost that ranges from 600 RMB to 1000 RMB per month.

Hebei Medical University offers various facilities like 8 libraries, 60 teaching hospitals, 6 hospitals, 16 secondary hospitals, 8 provincial research institutes and much more.


  • MBBS in China in this university is considered to bevery safe for female students as compared to other countries .
  • MBBS in China in this university is among the two most developed nations of the world and the economy here is much more stable as compared to Russia, Ukraine or Philippines. Thus, life here is much more comfortable and employment opportunities are available on a large sca
  • English is used more commonly in China than in Russia or Ukraine.
  • Tuition fees and cost of living for MBBS courses in China is almost half of other countries which clearly proves that MBBS in China for indian students is a gret option as a whole.
  • Mbbs courses in China are around INR 2.30 lacs.
  • MBBS graduates from China who appear for MCI screening test have a record of more success as compared to those from other countries.


The total cost of studying in china according to the MBBS fees structure in Hebei medical university is explained in the following table. The MBBS admission in this university is an easy, hassle free and simple process.

Hebei Medical University 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year 5th Year
Tuition Fees/Year in RMB Rs 300000 Rs 300000 Rs 300000 Rs 300000 Rs 300000
Application Fees Rs 10000
Hostel Fees / Year in RMB Rs 55000 Rs 55000 Rs 55000 Rs 55000 Rs 55000
Food Expenses / Month Rs8000 Rs8000 Rs8000 Rs8000 Rs8000

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