Study Abroad in France

Medical education in France for Indian students
France has the long recognised tradition when it comes to the international medical arena and it holds a distinctive place in the field of medical studies. The country, France entices lacs of medical aspirants across the globe who wishes to seek admission in the prestigious colleges and universities of France. In France, the medical study is divided into 3 cycles. The duration for Indian students aspiring to pursue medical education can be around 9-12 years.

How to take admission?
Indian students aspiring to study medicine in France need to pass the examination taken at the end of the first medical year. The examination is called Paces after which students may shift on to the suitable levels in the medical curriculum especially designed by France. To get admission in the doctoral level or the third stage, the student’s entry is governed by the residency competition. You need to register by March to take part in the medical residency competition. The specialists and general practitioners who have finished their medical studies may pursue specialised and advanced diploma courses in France.

In terms of the cost of living, there is hardly any difference between France and other European countries. However, scholarships offered and fellowships offered can help you save tuition fees to around 50%. You can opt for the loan options as well.

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