International American University (IAU), St. Lucia, Usa

About International American University International American University┬áis one of the finest Universities among the Caribbean Islands and is slightly expensive than Spartan. IAU supports a high quality education for USMLE 1 preparation as well as smooth transition for US based hospitals for clinical rotation and Residency. It is yet to get the CAAM-HP accreditation but […]

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Spartan Health & Science University, St. Lucia, USA

Spartan Health and Science University Spartan Health and Science University is the oldest available university teaching MBBS to prepare you for USA since last 35 years on the most beautiful islands and has the highest accreditations including CAAM-HP (which very few universities have). The success ratio for the much sought after residency in USA from […]

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Study Abroad in Usa

Medical Education in USA for Indian Students …. Pursuing medical education in USA can be of great advantage for Indian students specially if they are want to go for higher studies or become a professional in the field with multiple opportunities coming their way in riding high on career success. One of the main advantages […]

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